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Coastal Construction Group takes special care to understand your unique recruiting needs. We formulate custom search solutions to exceed your hiring expectations. 

We are proud of the work we do and would love to help your company become even better with a key new hire with our proven 8 step process.
Job Order - Step 1
We start by identifying your critical hiring need and then taking a detailed job order that assists our recruiters to target the type of candidate that would be able to do the job well beyond your expectations. You can usually expect to invest 15-20 minutes of your time with this step one process.
Candidate Presentations - Step 2
We make hundreds of confidential recruiting calls, industry networking and database searches to vet 3-4 top flight candidates to present to you within 5-7 days of taking the detailed job order.
Phone Interviews - Step 3
After your company reviews the resumes we have presented we help you and your team schedule an initial phone interview to help establish interest and abilities from both parties.
Face to Face Interviews - Step 4
 After conducting the phone interview and upon identifying a top prospect we help you with the process of bringing the candidate in for a face to face interview.
Offer and Acceptance - Step 5
We sincerely believe that step 5 is the key step in the entire process. We feel that this is the critical time for both parties and a lot of hires are lost here in the sea of love. We don't believe that ANY offer should EVER be turned down and with our firm they wont be. We tell all our clients that the reason we earn our fee is our ability to reel the prize candidate into the boat and not have them "pop" off the hook. With our years of recruiting expertise we promise not to lose the prized catch due to any unforeseen issues. Our main job is to locate top talent that will ACCEPT our clients offer. This is why we always insist that we make the offer so we can uncover any issues that should ever arise that most candidates will not disclose to a hiring company.
Resignation and Start Date - Step 6
This is another key and critical area that most companies overlook but we don't. We walk your prized new hire through all the aspects of giving notice to their employer and what scenarios might possibly happen to insure they don't ever take the dreaded counter-offer. We also help firm up the candidates start date and stay in constant contact with them during this stressful time.

Relocation - Step 7
We assist you and/or your HR department in this very important step of helping the new hire with any and all moving questions or issues that may arise.
Retention - Step 8
We believe that this final step in the process is the key to having a great company instead of just a good one. We check in with your company as well as the new hire periodically to ensure that things are going smoothly. Its our goal for your prized new hire be with your company for a life-time. We offer our clients tips and proven methods to keep retention at a high level. We also NEVER take any candidate out of our clients company for any reason.
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